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Wood Sculpture Exhibition | 2017.9.30-10.15

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Jun Furukawa
Wood Sculpture Exhibition
September 30 (Sat.) – October 15 (Sun.), 2017

Exhibition hours : 11:00 – 18:00
Artist Jun Furukawa will be present at the gallery on Sep.30.

We take the opportunity to welcome everyone to Jun Furukawa‘s wood sculpture exhibition.
We came across Jun Furukawa’s sculpture and were fascinated, so we began to display his sheep sculpture at the corner of our gallery, TOKI no KUMO, as an exhibit.

Not surprising, we received a lot of interest and inquiries about the sculpture and the artist from many visitors.
They were attracted to the sheep sculpture and would stop in front of this work asking ''Who is the creator?'', ''Are there more sculptures from the artist? '', ''Where can we buy his work?''.
Clearly, Furukawa San's sculpture tugged at the heart of many.
They wanted to see more and to know more.

As a matter of fact, Jun Furukawa doesn’t create wood sculptures so often. He says it takes a lot of time and too much energy.
He is an artist who has been mostly creating fine wooden dishes, utensils, and cutlery. He also does interior decorations using metal, stones, wood and other materials.

So we feel very proud and privileged to present this very rare and special exhibition which consists of Jun Furukawa’s wood sculptures only, which he has created especially for the exhibition.

This 16 day exhibition of wood sculptures will also be fresh breeze through our gallery as well as most of the exhibitions we have hosted have been centered around pottery.

Jun Furukawa, as a child, hoped to become an artist as both his parents were potters. He started with indulging in stone work, however has found his calling in wood carving.

His themes center around animals, birds and people, and around 40 of these sculptures will be showcased at the exhibition.

Furukawa San says he draws the eyes in the sculptures at the end after he finishes everything as by then he has thought through the full image of the sculpture well in his mind and overcome all the challenges of creation so he can enjoy drawing the eyes and the expressions.

What do you think about the look on Furukawa’s sculpture of the white goat?
To me, it reminds me of the white goat in the Japanese child song “Yagisan Yuubin” who having received a letter from the black goat eats it before reading.
Like this goat it seems that Furukawa’s goat is not bothered with small things and is always calm and happy with himself.

We hope you can come and experience this sense of calm contentedness and simple happiness at our gallery surrounded by these gentle sculptures.


Jun Furukawa Wood Sculpture Exhibition

September 30 (Sat.) – October 15 (Sun.), 2017
Exhibition hours : 11:00 – 18:00

Artist Jun Furukawa will be present at the gallery on Sep.30.

*You can also buy from the regular ongoing exhibition.


From Kyoto station(京都駅) to TOKI no KUMO gallery(季の雲) (about 80minutes)
Directions to TOKI no KUMO gallery from Kyoto, are as below :

1.Take a train(JR) from Kyoto station to Nagahama station(長浜駅) (70 min)
Use the Special Rapid Service (For Nagahama) (JR北陸本線(新快速)・長浜 行き)
or Special Rapid Service (For Omi-Shiotsu via Maibara) (JR北陸本線(新快速) [米原 経由 近江塩津 行き])
on the JR Tokaido Main Line(東海道線), which runs frequently.
From Kyoto Station, it takes about 70 minutes to Nagahama Station.

2.Take a taxi from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO (10 min)
Taxis are easily available at the east exit of Nagahama station. Please line up at the taxi stand to get a taxi conveniently.
Most taxi drivers at Nagahama Sta. are aware of our gallery. So, please just tell taxi driver "TOKI no KUMO 季の雲" or you can show the same written on piece of paper.
(Address in English "211-1 Yawatahigashicho, Nagahama " or Japanese "長浜市 八幡東町 211−1" can also be used using a smart phone or print out for further convenience.)
From Nagahama station, it takes about 10 min to gallery TOKI no KUMO.

* By walk from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO: It takes about over 30min.
** By bus from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO: there aren't many buses on this route, so we recommend coming by taxi.


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