Now; Yutaka Hanaoka Pottery exhibition | 2017.11.3-11.12
+ Regular ongoing exhibition.

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Yutaka Hanaoka Pottery exhibition
November 3 (Sat.) - 12 (Sun.), 2017

Exhibition hours : 11:00 - 18:00
Artist Yutaka Hanaoka will be present at the gallery on Nov.3.

Most of Yutaka Hanaoka’s pottery falls under the Kohiki style of pottery. Kohiki is a traditional method of pottery where white powder is sprayed on top of the brown raw clay surface at the last stage of formation. The delicate white appearance of Kohiki pottery is what sets it apart and has been adored by many for hundreds of years.

Hanaoka uses the Kohiki method to mould the appearance of the objects, he creates facets (we call this Mentori) on the surface of many of his items. This gives a lot of angled dimensions to his creations.

Because of the numbers of faceted items, many might think Hanaoka’s icon is faceting, but you cannot miss his other techniques on Kohiki.
With the brush (Hakeme) or the stone (Ishime), he creates beautiful textures on the surface of the pottery, which add some tenderness to his otherwise stoic and sharp style.

Even though his style is simplistic, I am often surprised with how lively and beautiful the food and flowers look when served in his dishes and vases.

Hanaoka has a passion for cooking and grows his own vegetables. He grows shiitake mushrooms, lemons and even Buntan and is definitely a master gardener as these vegetables are not easy to grow in gardens. He also makes bacon and jams from the fruits from his garden.
It is this love and interest in food that I believe grants him the vision to create easy to use dishes which can elevate the presentation and makes him sensitive to how the food looks when served in his dishes.

I believe the beauty of Hanaoka san’s works comes from this combination of love for nature, cooking and an obsession to serve them beautifully.

It has been 5 years after the last exhibition of Yutaka Hanaoka, and this time we asked him to create some of the Black Pottery.

Please visit and enjoy the contrast of white and black styles side by side in our gallery.


Yutaka Hanaoka
Pottery exhibition

November 3 (Sat.) - 12 (Sun.), 2017
Exhibition hours : 11:00 - 18:00
Artist Yutaka Hanaoka will be present at the gallery on Nov.3.
*You can also buy from the regular ongoing exhibition.


From Kyoto station(京都駅) to TOKI no KUMO gallery(季の雲) (about 80minutes)
Directions to TOKI no KUMO gallery from Kyoto, are as below :

1.Take a train(JR) from Kyoto station to Nagahama station(長浜駅) (70 min)
Use the Special Rapid Service (For Nagahama) (JR北陸本線(新快速)・長浜 行き)
or Special Rapid Service (For Omi-Shiotsu via Maibara) (JR北陸本線(新快速) [米原 経由 近江塩津 行き])
on the JR Tokaido Main Line(東海道線), which runs frequently.
From Kyoto Station, it takes about 70 minutes to Nagahama Station.

2.Take a taxi from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO (10 min)
Taxis are easily available at the east exit of Nagahama station. Please line up at the taxi stand to get a taxi conveniently.
Most taxi drivers at Nagahama Sta. are aware of our gallery. So, please just tell taxi driver "TOKI no KUMO 季の雲" or you can show the same written on piece of paper.
(Address in English "211-1 Yawatahigashicho, Nagahama " or Japanese "長浜市 八幡東町 211−1" can also be used using a smart phone or print out for further convenience.)
From Nagahama station, it takes about 10 min to gallery TOKI no KUMO.

* By walk from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO: It takes about over 30min.
** By bus from Nagahama station to gallery TOKI no KUMO: there aren't many buses on this route, so we recommend coming by taxi.


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