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【小牧広平】pecori glass/wine glass/zabun glass KKH2-2/3/4

【小牧広平】pecori glass/wine glass/zabun glass KKH2-2/3/4




左)pecori glass KKH2-2 sold out

  約φ70 約H138 160ml(満杯)  ¥6,050(税込) 

中)wine glass KKH2-3   sold out

  約φ63 約H128 190ml(満杯)  ¥5,500(税込) 

右)zabun glass KKH2-4 sold out

  約W103×約D73 約H147 180ml(満杯)  ¥6,600(税込)



*掲載品はサンプルとなります。1点ずつ容量も異なりますので計算書に  容量をお伝えいたします。
*The products shown are samples. Since each item has a different capacity, we will inform you of the capacity on the calculation form.In addition, if there are individual differences, we will send you a photo of the actual item.
*Colors may vary slightly depending on your computer or smartphone.


  • 【 非耐熱ガラスの器のお取り扱いについて 】



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