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If you wish to ship outside of Japan


Thank you for your interest in our web shop.
Our store will use EMS for overseas shipping. 
EMS is an international mail service for sending documents and merchandise to over 120 Countries worldwide.
Please check the JapanPost website for details.

After your order, we will calculate the total price including costs of shipping
and handling. We will email you the order confirmation (calculation of total) within a  few days.
Before shopping, please check the following information.


1) After your payment, we will send your ordered items within 10 days.
2) Basically, we send items directly to customers. For damage such as cracks during delivery,if it is due to the way of packing, we give customers a refund. If cracks are due to the way of delivery, JapanPost will give you a refund based on the amount filled in the invoice. So please  take photos of them as  evidence and leave the damaged item or box as it is until a post officer comes and checks.  
On the other hand, such a case is not applied to shipment with in-between  like customers' friends or other transferring agents.   

3) For safety, items will be packed firmly for overseas shipping. It costs 5% of your ordered items' total price.
4) We accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal.
5) Japanese consumption tax will be included in the total.

We look forward to receiving your order.
Thank you.

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